Lady Laura


I am Lady Laura. Your lady, as in the sense of you being my worshiper, as in my silly sub, my useful foot slave, my spending piggy or just a simple humble servant for a little while, in or without my company.

I’m considering myself as a being sadistic and dominant – As a strong and feminine woman!

I know my likes and dislikes, wishes fantasies and dreams. The how part is for you to figure out..

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I like to tease and to play.

I like to be spoiled and worshiped.

NOT because I’m beautiful or because I say so.

Pretty consistent and very seductive dominant woman. Fetish play, is something I value. I’m a feminine sadist, and I enjoy wearing lacquer, leather and latex, sexy high heels and nylon, when playing with you as my toy.

Of course, discretion is important, since a great part of both of us, likes to be private in and about our matters.

I really enjoy my lustful passion for the SM world, and the supremacy that is gives me – I love to dominate, seduce, force and to control!

As you get to know me, you will feel fascinated and aroused by my ability, to make you want to submit, to worship and to spoil me with whatever you feel will make me happy.
– In return, I promise to take the full control over your habit’s, daily rutine’s, your spending’s and your savings – Your money!

I will make sure that you will not miss the sovereignty that you have given to me!

My specials: Bondage, I like to tie you up real tiet! xcitation’s whipping and urine play with facesitting and breath control as a bonus. Also, I would love to give you an old-fashioned spanking or whipping, because I need to give the disobedient slave decent slaps and whips, if I feel the need for it!

I will be looking forward to our meeting, please let me know some days in advance, since I hate to stress over nothing..

Lady Laura

Intensive domme, let’s go deeper

Obey and submit

Amuse me and let me use you as my favorite toy – Keep me interested in playing with you, and in give in to your need of a strong and beatiful dominatrix!

If you succed in getting my attention, I make it important for you to stay motivated; to please, to serve and to worship me at all time!

Slave, I will make you loose control

I will make loosers crave and beg, for more.. as a pathetic pig, a silly moneypig or a pathetic looser….

You can be mine, if I find you worthy of it

Join me as a naughty footslave or as my pathetic piggy. Some times, I even want to lock you up and decide when you can be freed again, and for how long.. like an enslaved chastity slave!

As a sub, slaveboy, slut, sissy, a piggy or a simple and humble servant, with one thing in mind: Making Lady Laura happy, healthy and rich ( rich as not in the money sense!) your welcome to apply me for a session

Online or in Copenhagen.


Apply for a slavekontract must request the application form by mail to

i’ll consider your future as one of my servants, when reading your humble application and cherishing your tribute for taking my time to consider a potential future as my submissive servant in order to make me happy, every day!

You will always become slave on my terms

I do listen to my slaves and read in between the line because it’s makes it easier to make you want to submit to me.

My goal, is for you want to submit to me and pursue the ability of making yourself useful, and to become a good slave to me.

Your only perperse is to serve me and to make me happy

I love to be worship and spoiled with the things and wish for, or need in the moment.

As I enjoy food and shopping, your welcome to invite me out for at dinner and or shopping session.

SM greeting’s from Lady Laura